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What is OTP?

A One-Time Password (OTP) is an extra layer of security we use to verify your identity when you complete certain actions on a domain name that has Protected Registration.

How does OTP work?

If your domain has Protected Registration, certain domain actions can't be completed until your identity is verified. If you have two-step verification (2SV) enabled, we'll send a code via SMS or your preferred authentication application. If you don't have 2SV enabled, we'll send a one-time password to your email address instead.

When will I get an OTP?

We'll send an OTP if you're trying to complete any of these actions and don't have 2SV enabled:

Where will I get an OTP?

We'll send the OTP to the Registrant email address listed on your domain name. This is an additional layer of security to protect your domain name from malicious takeover attempts.

Where can I view or update my Registrant email address?

You can view all contact information, including the Registrant email address associated with the domain, in your Domain Manager.

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