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Set up your payment processor

Step 3 of the moving a store to Websites + Marketing series

One of the most important parts of running a store is getting paid. When it comes to payment processors, you’ve got a few options. It’s a good idea to think through what you want for your business. For example, do you want to accept payments in person? If so, the Smart Terminal and Card Reader hardware make Godaddy Payments a great option.

Note: GoDaddy Payments is only compatible with point-of-sale devices sold through GoDaddy.

  • GoDaddy Payments is a secure payment gateway with low transaction fees that lets you accept major credit cards in your store. If you want to expand to in-person sales, purchase a POS device that suits your needs (physical store or on-the-go) and manage your transactions and products all in one place.
  • Prefer to stick with a different payment processor? You can also choose to process transactions through PayPal, Square or Stripe.

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