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My Workspace Email is moving to Microsoft 365

Workspace Email is moving to Microsoft 365! We know change can be hard, but in this case, there's plenty to be excited about. During this transition, we're here to help answer your questions and make sure your email service continues running smoothly.

Required: If your Workspace Email domain is attached to a Microsoft 365 account with Microsoft, you need to remove your domain from Microsoft. This is required to ensure we can set up your email accounts with Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy. We'll notify you via email if this applies to you.

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Why am I being migrated from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365?

We’re retiring Workspace Email and are no longer releasing new features. To provide you with the best email experience, we started the process of moving customers to Microsoft 365 with its latest features and security updates.

What do I need to do?

During the transition, we’ll handle everything – all you need to do is check your Email & Office Dashboard for updates. You might notice your new Microsoft 365 accounts have already appeared in your GoDaddy account. This is part of the transition process and there's no action required on your part.

After your transition is complete, you'll need to update your client settings to Exchange if you’re using a mobile device or desktop email client.

What happens to all my email?

We'll move all your Workspace Email accounts, including their email and folders, to Microsoft 365. Continue using your email as you normally would. After your transition is complete, you'll need to update your client settings to Exchange if you're using a mobile device or desktop email client.

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What if I don't want to migrate to Microsoft 365?

We know change can be difficult, but we recommend giving Microsoft 365 a try. We didn’t make this decision lightly, but we're retiring Workspace Email because it’s not up to standards with the email experience we want to give you. Microsoft 365 is more secure, reliable, and has more features for collaboration. See our blog post about the 5 benefits of Microsoft email.

Please keep in mind that we’ll remove your Workspace Email credits 14 days after your transition date. Your Microsoft 365 credits will remain in your account and follow your previous billing preferences. If you don't want to move to Microsoft 365, cancel your Workspace Email and Microsoft 365 credits at any time.

Are all my webmail features available in Microsoft 365?

Most of the features from Workspace Email are available in Microsoft 365. However, email signatures, email templates, catch-all addresses, inbox rules, and block/allow lists won't be moved. And, before forwarding Microsoft 365 email to an external email address, you'll need to edit your outbound spam filter policy.

Compare Workspace Email and Microsoft 365 features.

Will the support I get from GoDaddy change?

You'll continue to receive expert help from our award-winning GoDaddy Guides. We're here for you, 24/7. Visit the dashboard for assistance.

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Who can access my email?

No one is given access to your email during the transition. Only those with your authentication credentials have access to your email account. Microsoft and GoDaddy have safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to mailbox contents.

As the account owner, you control who has admin access to your organization. Admins can manage users and see mailbox contents. We recommend only giving admin access to users who need it and only allowing specific members to manage distribution groups and shared mailboxes. Users can choose to share mail folders with other addresses, and revoke access at any time.

It's a best practice to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for improved security, especially for admin accounts. Find more tips for protecting your email.

Will my sign-in or email address change?

Your email address and password will stay the same. You’ll continue to access your email by signing in to webmail or email.yourdomain (like After your transition date, you'll see your new webmail called Outlook on the web. It has many of the same features as Workspace Webmail, as well as some new ones.

If your email password was saved in your browser settings, your password might not show on the Microsoft 365 sign-in page. If you don’t remember your password, reset it from either the sign-in page or the Email & Office Dashboard.

Will my email account's display name change?

Yes, your display name will change during this process. After your transition is complete, you can update your display name.

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Will I need to change anything on my mobile device or desktop email client?

After your transition is complete, you'll need to update your client settings to Exchange if you're using a mobile device or desktop email client.

Do I need to update any DNS records?

You don’t need to update any DNS records as part of this transition. After you're notified your email is moving to Microsoft 365, it's important to keep your MX records pointing to your Workspace Email. If you update your MX records before your transitions complete, you won’t receive email.

Whether your DNS is hosted with GoDaddy or another provider, all your DNS entries and mail settings stay the same during this process. After your email moves to Microsoft 365, we'll automatically update or manage your DNS records for you.

I think I’m missing email after migrating to Microsoft 365. What do I do?

During the transition, we move your email and folders from the Workspace Email servers into Microsoft 365. If you stored messages in your email client, you might see some messages missing in your account with Microsoft 365. If you’re missing email, follow our troubleshooting steps.

Where are my folders are migrating from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365?

After we migrate you from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365, you might not see your email folders in the same place in Microsoft 365. If that happens, your folders, emails and attachments are all safe and available in an In-Place Archive folder in Microsoft 365. Find your Workspace Email folders in Microsoft 365.

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Why are my Group Calendars missing after migrating from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365?

Your Personal Calendar will move to Microsoft 365. If you're using a Personal Calendar, event attachments aren't a supported feature of the migration.

After your account is migrated to Microsoft 365, you can sign in to your Workspace Email account for 14 days. After 14 days, when your Workspace Email account is closed, you won't be able to access your calendars in Workspace Email.

Note: Your Calendar is restorable for 60 days after it’s been removed from your account.

If you're using a Group Calendar, you need to export and import your calendars. Event attachments aren't a supported feature when exporting and importing calendars.

Why do I have a .archive email address in my Email & Office Dashboard?

After moving from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365, you might see accounts listed in your Email & Office Dashboard with “.archive” (like You have several options based on what you'd like to do with these accounts.

What happens to my Workspace Email accounts after the transition?

After your transition date, all new messages are delivered to Microsoft 365. You can still access Workspace Webmail up to 14 days after the move, and then we'll remove Workspace Email from your account.

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What happens to my Workspace Email credits?

Your Workspace Email credits get an exact transfer in duration and price. For example, if you have Workspace Email credits that are good for the next 14 months, you'll automatically get Microsoft 365 credits that are also good for the next 14 months.

What happens to my unused Workspace Email credits?

As part of this transition, you'll get the equivalent number of Microsoft 365 credits as you have Workspace Email credits.

What happens to the additional SMTP relays I purchased?

With Microsoft 365, you don't need to pay for additional SMTP relays since it offers a higher send limit.

Will my renewal date change?

In most cases, your renewal date doesn’t change. If you have a monthly subscription, we’ll automatically add time to your renewal date to make sure there aren’t billing issues during your transition.

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