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Move my content from Website Builder version 6 to Website Builder

Your website is your home online, and we realize that moving your home (or any change) can be disruptive. We built this tool to help you settle into your new home as fast and easy as possible. Everything has been moved in for you, but we need you for the finishing touches.

Follow these steps to finish the transition from Website Builder version 6 to Website Builder:

  1. Compare your new and old site
  2. Customize your content (theme, homepage header, text, images, sections and other pages)
  3. Publish your new site
Warning: After you publish your Website Builder version 6 site to your new Website Builder site, you will not be able to access your version 6 builder or files.

Can’t find your website? Your website is still in My Account in your list of sites under Website Builder. Read the full answer.

Note: Your new website builder will be called Website Builder followed by your plan name (for example, Website Builder Standard). Previously, your site contained Website Builder in your plan name title (for example, Business Plus Website Builder). However, your site URL remains the same.

Recorded demo

We've recorded a demo moving a site from Website Builder version 6 to Website Builder so you can see how it's done.

1. Compare your new and old site

The Flash components that powered Website Builder version 6 stopped working on December 31, 2020. We’ve saved your old site to display to your visitors, but the only way to edit your site is using Website Builder.

Your content is migrated into Website Builder as a draft. We’ve done our best to make your site look good in the new design. While our tool is pretty smart, it’s not as smart as a human is.

Open your old site in one web browser tab or window using your website URL, and open your new site in the website editor in another web browser tab or window.

Once you make finishing personal touches, publish your new site to make it visible to your visitors and customers.

If any of your pages require forwarding, we’ll take care of that. We’ve also designed the migration so there’s no interruption to being found on search engines. We recognize that SEO is a continuous effort, so we provide guidance to getting found online.

2. Customize your content

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, customizing your content could take from an hour or two up to a few days. The most important piece of advice is to keep it simple! Start small and make improvements over time.

2.1 Choose a theme

If you’re a visual person, you may want to update your theme first so it’s easier to see what your header image or video, text, and action buttons look like. You can change your theme at any time.

Or you can skip this step and come back to it later when you check up on your visual brand (logo, favicon, color, font, etc.)

  1. Select Theme in your website builder.
    Screenshot of where you find the Theme area.
  2. All the themes are named. Take note of your current theme name, in case you want to change back or consider different options.
    Screenshot of where you find the Theme name.
  3. Select Try a new look to see how your website looks in a variety of themes. Once you select a theme, that theme is applied. Selecting a theme also automatically creates a save point if you want to restore your website. Any time you want, come back here to change your theme.

2.2 Header

Updating your homepage header image (or video) and text sets the tone for your entire site.

Header image or video
Update your header image or header video to represent your business. If you’re a plumber in Seattle, show pipes being fixed, wrenches, or a faucet or drain. Don’t show a scenic image of the Space Needle; your image should represent who you are and what you do.

Select Cover Media, and then select Change image. Upload your own photo or video, or use one of our royalty-free stock images or videos. When you're finished editing your image or video and alt text, select Done.

Note: The library of stock images in Website Builder is different, larger, and better curated than the stock images from Website Builder version 6. Any stock images from your old site will need to be replaced.

Header text and button
Your header should contain the elements of an effective small business website home page. Use your promise or solution as your Headline, and then add a few sentences about your business to the Paragraph.

Finally, use a strong verb on your action button like “Start for Free” or “Reserve your spot” telling people what to do (or how to contact you). Then direct the action button link to a specific place on your website or to another URL (like a social media page).

2.3 Text

Text in text blocks have been copied over by page into the Importer. After you copy the text, this is a good time to update any out-of-date information.

Note: Text in special elements, such as tables, aren’t copied over. Manually copy the text from your old site and then switch tabs to your new site and paste it here.

  1. Select Importer.
    Screenshot where to find the link to open your old Website Builder version 6
  2. Select the page that had your text from the menu.
  3. Find and select the text you want to copy. Selecting a block of text automatically copies it to your clipboard.
  4. Select the section in your new site. Paste the text (Ctrl/Cmd + V or right click + Paste) into the new location, either directly into the page or into the editor on the right.

2.4 Images

All of your uploaded images are located in your Media Library under My Uploads. Either access your media library by changing any image in your website, or select My Photos from the Dashboard.

Note: If you have a large number of images, it may take a few minutes after beginning the import process for all of your images to appear.

  1. Select any image in your new website editor.
  2. Select Change image.
  3. Select My Uploads.
  4. Select any of your images. Or use stock media, an image from social media or media from your other websites.

Pictures that are part of your Website Builder V6 site will migrate to your new Website Builder site. However, you may have inserted images from a standalone photo album. Here’s how to tell the difference and download pictures from a standalone photo album.

Files attached to your Website Builder V6 site will not migrate. You will need to download your files and then add downloadable files or PDFs to your new Website Builder site.

2.5 Add and move sections

Within a page, you can add a section or duplicate a section. Don’t like the way a section looks? Change the section layout or edit the content. You can also move a section from one page to another.

Website Builder has lots of specialized sections such as PDF viewers, price lists or menu sections for restaurants, real estate listings, code sections, Soundcloud audio tracks, etc.

Use the Contact Us section to show your address and location, hours, email, phone number and WhatsApp information. Customers can even submit a form, including attachments. When a customer completes the form, we scan it for viruses and malware and then it arrives to an email you designate.

2.6 Repeat for other pages in your website

Now that your homepage is complete, it’s time to work on other pages in your site. Most pages will be blank, although you’ll find that some specific types of pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Photo Galleries, etc. may be pre-populated with sections.

3. Publish your new site

Once your new site is ready, it’s time to select Publish. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Start small and make improvements over time.

When you select Publish you’ll see a pop-up box. Once you publish your new site in Website Builder, your old site is removed from your account.

3.1 Connecting your site to a domain name under a different account

If your GoDaddy website is linked to a domain name through another registrar or another GoDaddy domain using a different login and password, you’ll see a pop-up box with instructions on how to update your domain name’s DNS records.

  1. Log in to the other site where your domain name is registered, and modify your DNS records. This is also the same process if you use two different GoDaddy accounts for your website builder and your domain name.
  2. Follow the prompts on your screen to update the A and CNAME Name, Value and TTL fields.
    • Type: A Name: @ Value: TTL: 3600
    • Type: C Name: www Value: (your domain name here without www in front) TTL: 3600

After you have made changes to your DNS, be patient. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the changes to go through and your domain to start working.

Our GoDaddy Guides are here to help you walk through the process or answer any questions at (480) 463-8333.

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