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Microsoft deprecated Basic authentication

In 2023, Microsoft disabled Basic authentication, which was used to connect your Microsoft 365 account with email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail. It's an outdated industry standard with increased security risks from attackers capturing user credentials.

The ability to use Basic authentication in Exchange Online was removed from the following protocols:

  • Exchange Active Sync (EAS)
  • POP
  • IMAP
  • Remote PowerShell
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • Offline Address Book (OAB)
  • Outlook for Windows and Mac

You can still use Outlook on the web to access your email. It wasn't affected by the Basic authentication deprecation.

However, in your email clients, you were required to switch to modern authentication. Modern authentication is more secure and supports multi-factor authentication, or MFA, that uses modern methods like one-time text messages and authenticator apps.

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