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Masking contact information shared via WHOIS automated access points

All ICANN accredited registrars (such as GoDaddy) are required to provide WHOIS Look-up access to the public. (WHOIS is a mechanism to look up the contact information associated with your domain name.)

GoDaddy supports both individualized lookups (via godaddy.com/whois) and automated bulk lookup requests (also known as Port 43 access). There are several legitimate users of bulk WHOIS data, but we also have bad actors misusing this to spam our customers.

Starting May 25, 2018, your WHOIS contact details will no longer be made available via automated bulk lookup points (Port 43).

We’re always looking for ways to protect your information online. To help slow the flood of spam that can occur when you register a domain without privacy services, and to be in compliance with ICANN guidelines - WHOIS output via Port43 will only contain the Organization, State/Province, and Country information. All other contact info (including First and Last Name, Address, E-mail, Phone, and Fax) will not be shared.

We’ll continue to publish qualified WHOIS information to users of our CAPTCHA-protected, web-based WHOIS system, as required.

While the intent of this service is to help reduce spam calls and emails, Domain Privacy is still the best and most efficient way to maintain anonymity online. WHOIS masking will only restrict spammers misusing our automated bulk access sources.

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