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Connect my site to a domain

By default, your site's web address is based on what you named it when first setting up Website Builder — with godaddysites.com added at the end. If you want to change your website's domain (address or URL), you have three options:

  • Buy a new GoDaddy domain.
  • Use a GoDaddy domain you already own.
  • Use an external, non-GoDaddy domain you bought from another company.

Watch a short video of this task further down the page.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your website or store.
  3. Either from your Dashboard with Websites selected, or from your Website builder, look for your site's URL.
    Look for the URL ending in godaddysites
  4. If you have an unused domain from GoDaddy, Use my domain appears next to your site's address. Click it and then click I already own a domain.
    click I already own domain

    Note: Based on the first part of your free address, GoDaddy suggests new domains available to buy. To see more suggestions, click Search More Domains. (If you buy a new domain, use this same article to connect it to your Website Builder site.)

  5. When the Domain Settings window appears, your free URL is automatically selected. To change it, make a selection from the My Domain menu.
    Make selection from My Domain menu
  6. Click Save & Publish and skip to the last step. (If you want to use an external domain, see the next step.)
  7. To use an external domain (bought from another company), select Add an external domain from the My Domain menu, then click Next.
    Select external domain and click Next
  8. Enter the external domain in the Domain Name field and click Save & Publish after you see the Looks good! message. (The message confirms your ownership of the domain.)
    enter external domain name
  9. Now log into your external domain provider's website and find where to change that domain's A record. (If you have any trouble, contact that domain provider for support.)
  10. Update the external domain's A record by entering the appropriate IP address below based on the area closest to your location.
    Use Nearest Server Location Enter IP address
    U.S. East Coast
    U.S. West Coast
  11. Log out from the other domain provider's site, switch back to Website Builder and click Save & Publish.
  12. If you're switching to a GoDaddy domain, you'll usually see a Your site is live! notice after a few moments, and you can then click View Site to see your website with its new address.
    site with new address

    Note: If you're switching to an external (non-GoDaddy) domain, it can take up to 72 hours to take effect. It might take less time, so feel free to check occasionally by re-clicking View Site.

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