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Common server ports

Here's a list of standard ports to use for common server processes and services:

Port Process/Service
21 FTP
22 SSH
23 Telnet
53 DNS
110 POP
119 NNTP
143 IMAP
465 Secure SMTP
585 Secure IMAP
587 SMTP alternate - Use if port 25 is blocked by the ISP
993 IMAP4 over SSL
995 Secure POP3
1433 MSSQL
2082 cPanel TCP inbound
2083 cPanel SSL TCP inbound
2086 WHM TCP inbound
2087 WHM SSL TCP inbound
2089 cPanel license TCP outbound
2095 Webmail TCP inbound
2096 Webmail SSL TCP inbound
3306 MySQL
3389 RDC - default Remote Desktop
5224 Plesk license
8080 HTTP - alternate port (also a Tomcat port)
8425 Horde
8443 Plesk
9876 SCP License
9999 SCP

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