Your "solution" is unacceptable @TLH.
If I were to use your suggestion, then I might add a custom filter that routed all emails containing ".xyz" in the From to Trash. While this WOULD reroute the spam emails from domain, it would ALSO reroute emails from domain
Per my original request, I was requesting to be allowed to add a filter with a WILDCARD on the From. My example filter would then be From contains "@*.xyz". This would be the ONLY acceptable solution. This would reroute the first SPAM email, and NOT reroute the second VALID email.
Thus, again... Your suggested "solution" is UNACCEPTABLE.
IMPORTANT: If you reply-all or forward this e-mail, please delete the forwarding history, which includes my e-mail address. It is a courtesy to me and others who do not wish to have their e-mail addresses sent all over the world. Use Bcc: if sending to more than one person. Deleting history helps prevent spammers from "harvesting" addresses, and viruses from being spread. Thanks.