Domain has expired/dropped but not available for registry?


I've been following a domain for a few months now and I'm curious as to what's going on "behind the scenes", for lack of a better way to phrase it.

Some info about the domain;

The domain in question expired on January 11th. It was put up for auction by GoDaddy for $12 and eventually went down to $4-5, if I'm not mistaken, before ending without a winner, at least from what I could tell, on February 16th.

I checked to see if it has been registered (whois) on multiple different sites and each one said there was no such domain. Which lead me to believe that the domain is available for registration.

However, it isn't.

It is now about the 58th day (and counting) since the domain expired but it still hasn't dropped it seems despite the fact that the domain doesn't return in any whois lookup searches. For what it's worth, I also tracked it via ExpiredDomains, and it went from being on the "Pending Delete" list to "No List" and Status: Registered. How can that be? And the site does not resolve if I visit it in the web browser nor does it return anything if I ping it.

What exactly is going?

I hope someone with more experience/knowledge can clarify or give me an insight as to if this is normal or abnormal? Can domains be pulled/set aside like this from public registration?

Thank you for your time.