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Helper I

cPanel hosting email logo missing



There is one not big deal issue with the cPanel hosting email that I have. When logged in the Webmail, in the top left corner it shows something like icon for a missing image, just above the logo of the selected webmail interface Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail.


Is there anyone with the same issue or what should be there?



Yeah, I have this same issue. I need  a solution for this

I have this problem too, i try to change it in the way that cpanel users (general, not godaddy cpanel users) do it (through branding preference) but with godaddy we don't have that option, i called technical support and told me it is not posible, if i want my company logo i should buy office 365.



Helper II

are you using a clean browser without any plugins.... say add blocker.... or a proxy


Try using un-customized browser like IE just to test it out.

I've tried different browsers, it's still the same.

I have same issue. Logo missing, user drop down to change password is missing. The email welcome page appears broken with no css styling.

So annoying as i can't change my email password by myself.