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Will Asian(HK especially) Data Center available?

Hello, Community!

I've just purchased a VPN for 1 years, and I wanted an HK IP, but when I start to setup my VPS, I found that the Asian data center isn't available.

My clients are from Asia especially HK, so I can't use North America Data Center.

So my questions are:

Will Asian(HK especially) Data Center available? When?

And if it won't, then can I have a refund? 

VPS from  North America isn't useful to me.


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The asian data centre is Singapore.

and it's up and running just fine!



Thanks for the reply.

I mean is it possible to change my VPS  data center to HK or Singapore?

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Hi @OmicronNEGA,

as far as I am aware, there is no data centre as yet in HK, only Singapore. So you should use the Singapore data centre.

If you require assistance or more detailed settings, then I would contact support and they should be able to guide you much better than I.


I tried to ping the IP you gave to me, and the ping is pretty high.

Even higher than my current North America VPS.

I just want to know if I can change my VPS  to Asia Region.

I can't find anywhere to do that.




Edit: I am located in HK. Pinged from HK.