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Unknown Rogue User Automatically Attaches itself To MySQL DB

Hello Community Members,


Whenever I try to manually create a new database and a user from cPanel in MySQL Databases, for some unknown reason there appears a unknown rogue user "SB_L2efVVYhrhB8D" automatically attached to the db I just created.


I'm using most recent updated and clean WordPress version and have my website installed through 'Installatron' app. I have rechecked and removed unwanted ftp accounts and emails and also changed the cPanel password to be very strong.

Also, I am sure that there aren't any malicious files in root (/public_html)

Can someone please guide on mysql injections and how to find the reason how this rogue user attaches itself to any existing or new db?


Any help will be highly appreciated.



That's the user the site backup addon uses to connect to your database and back it up.



Yes, thanks for that info. However, after manually removing from MySQL Databases, is there a way for that user to reattach to resume the backup process?


For the type of backups you have, the backup script should add the user back the next time it tries to run overnight. It should just come back.