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MVC Application Not Working After Hosting - Entity Framework

I have purchased Windows hosting from Godaddy to host my ASP.Net MVC application with Entity Framework DB First approach. The site is working well on my local. But after moving to godaddy it gives Internal Server Error. This is the URL :


Kindly suggest whether Godaddy support such code or is it any other issue. If not I will move to some other hosting which supports mvc. The documentation which godaddy provides ha very less details on the same.

Request any technical person to suggest on the issue with my site.


Ensure under <system.web> in your web.config on the godaddy server has these two lines:

<customErrors mode="Off" />

<trust level="Full" />


There are no compilers listed in the <compilers></compilers> section.

Thanks for the reply bro.

Godaddy Customer Support people also dont know much about fixing the issue.Called them and wasted my time.

Nothing helped.

Now I have decided. I will move out of godaddy to a better hosting which supports MVC applications and give proper support and guidelines to host the MVC app.