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How do I restore my website from the installatron back up downloaded on my PC

Hi folks,


At the recomendation of Godaddy I agreed to shift my database of 3 websites located in USA to Europe.


While migrating Godaddy goofed up and only migrated one out of the 3 websites correctly.  FortunateIy I had downloaded on my PC the back up of each of my 3 websites taken from the manual back ups available at Godaddy in the Installatron window in the C Panel.


After the Godaddy goof up that I have called Godaddy help centre several times. Each time received a different advise which I followed and the result is that I am in a mess.


Now they have recommended that to undo all the errors I delete everything and install again the word press and then from my back up restore the data.  Mind you I have three websites which were online.


Can anyone kindly explain the steps in simple terms. I am not very savvy but so far have managed so far everything on my own with help from Godaddy staff and reading on the net for the last 3 years.


Request if someone can kindly help me with the steps.


Thanking you'll.


Best regards,