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Having Issues getting subdomain to redirect to Zendesk

This is a bit embarrassing, as I've done this twice before with no issue. I'm not sure what I'm missing this time.


I am trying to forward a subdomain (ie: to a zendesk helpdesk URL, but it isn't forwarding. Instead, I  get the  "This site cannot be reached" Error page.


How I'm doing it: 

First try: CPanel DNS zone editor to create the subdomain and redirect. 

Currently trying:  Cpanel Subdomain Editor to create the subdomain and redirect. 


What am I missing? 



Community Manager

Hi @AshElizMoore. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


The method's you described sound like they should work. You may want to double check the DNS record for your subdomain to make sure it is registered in your zone file and that it's pointing at the IP address of your hosting plan. Beyond that, if you can provide the actual domain/subdomain, someone here on the forums may be able to give you additional suggestions. 


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