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FTP connection error


Whenever I try to connect to my Godaddy server, I got disconnected again and again. And got this error. I also try IP address in hostname but guess what? Same problem. Also use different PC/MAC and also different FTP client (ex FileZilla, WinSCP etc) but no luck at all. Sometimes I also get "too many connections from this IP error". How can I resolve this?


Here are the screenshots

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2


Please let me know how to resolve it. Its very urgent. Thanks in Advace

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Hi @TechCare,

try using this service to test your FTP server:


See if it's the fault of the server or your software.

Dear @Retired 

Thanks for your response. I have tested. And showing this message. 


Your server is working and assorted routers/firewalls have been correctly configured for explicit FTP over TLS as performed by this test. However there have been warnings about compatibility issues, not all users will be able to use your server.
For maximum compatibility, consider resolving these warnings.

"not all users will be able to use your server." is this okay? I still got disconnected while using FTP. 
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Hi @TechCare,

hmmmm? have you contacted support about this? I'm not sure about what the 'compatibility' issues are, sorry. 

Support can access your site and see what's happening here. But generally speaking, 'compatibility' issues can often be addressed with an update of software. Speak with support first is my recommendation.



Dear @Retired

They have no email system to contact. It's really Bad. And I called them also but they didn't understand my accent. 

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use google translate and live chat.......