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Can't connect to MySQL



I've replaced my config file by accident... and this file contains MySQL login data, like MySQL_host_name, MySQL_user_name, MySQL_user_password and MySQL_database_name. New version of file is blank, so I have to re-create these values, but so far - with no luck.


Now I can't login to MySQL database, which causes my whole webpage is not working.



Error: Unable to connect to MySQL. Debugging errno: 1045 Debugging error: Access denied for user 'jeomax_marcin'@'' (using password: YES)


Where I can take these details from ?

User name and database I can see in cPanel -> MySQL Databases section. Password is fine, I've changed it to new one just in case, but login still is not working. There's host name left, but error message I receive suggests host is good, otherwise it wouldn't connect at all.. or maybe I'm wrong ? Host name I use is simply my hosting name, and when I use the other host name, error maessage indicates that clearly.


Help, please 🙂


Hello @biuro74!


Thank you for posting. I've moved your post to a board that better fits it's subject. Hopefully your question will get more attention here. 🙂 


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