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CPanel Loading Very Slow

Dear Sir,


I'm Rohana krishantha from Srilanka , I have a Account in go Daddy so when i try to login Cpanel its going toomany time very very slow you have any option to fix this problem 



Rohan Krishantha

Re: CPanel Loading Very Slow

Same here. Just bought and set up new hosting and it's endlessly spinning..

Former Employee

Re: CPanel Loading Very Slow

Hi @Nigelkrish & @Jco !


I would first suggest trying to access your cPanel from a different browser and/or network to test the connection. If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend reaching out to our support team. This is something you'll want to work with them about. Thanks!



RD3 - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: CPanel Loading Very Slow

That's exactly what the issue was (company firewall). Once CMS is loaded I can assess just fine. The unique GoDaddy links to access/manage your Cpanel on its initial set up wasn't allowed on my network.

Worked fine from home.


Extremely slow performance AU user.

Looking to leave Godaddy as the performance is beyond slow, i'm unable to use sftp as it disconnects every 15 seconds with a timeout when uploading or downloading, my other sites hosted elsewhere work fine, I've put this down to database distance from Australia and perhaps overloading of shared sites. I would like a server with a database closer to home.


I'd like to retrieve a full backup of my site somehow. Where can i download a full backup of my wordpress hosting and databases without using sftp as it's painstakingly unusable to me?


Re: Extremely slow performance AU user.

very same here...astonishingly slow. Just to copy files and recreate folders - cant do. 

is always like this????


Re: CPanel Loading Very Slow

This is very big issue when i tried to open cpanel from godaddy account it took may minutes to open godaddy support must solve it....