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    Community Live AMA - Tips on managing your Online Business

    Last week we got together with a few Community members via Zoom to discuss online business tips, challenges, and successes. Check out the conversation in the video below!



    Discussion timestamps:

    • 00:00 - Welcome and Intros.
    • 12:37 - Small business difficulties and tips.
    • 17:06 - What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner?
    • 19:54 - Advice about starting a Reseller business with GoDaddy.
    • 24:07 - Time management tips.
    • 26:44 - The importance of getting clients into contracts.
    • 30:56 - Having standards, choosing the right clients, and knowing what you enjoy working on.
    • 33:57 - Managing relationships with clients.
    • 43:25 - Friends & family as customers.
    • 47:41 - Tips for managing multiple clients.
    • 50:43 - Finding and keeping trustworthy managers and employees.
    • 54:01 - Working with virtual assistants.
    • 56:03 - Call wrap-up.


    Call participants:


    Chat log:

    • 10:00:12 From Drew Davis : Hello
    • 10:00:38 From Darwin @ Tuwebfacil : Hola from Spain guys
    • 10:00:51 From Drew Davis : going good
    • 10:01:02 From Rachel Makool : Thanks for calling in from Spain!
    • 10:01:06 From Drew Davis : yes
    • 10:11:17 From roy darling (rd) : Welcome Darwin... No worries, your English is better than my Spanish
    • 10:18:09 From Aurora Afable : What's the difference between an entrepreneur and small business?
    • 10:21:12 From Drew Davis : To me entrepreneur is sole-proprietorships and small business to would be a LLC. At least that is how I think of it.
    • 10:21:49 From Darwin @ Tuwebfacil : Guys, I'm sorry to be a little absent, I'm driving right now, but something that worries me is that Spanish-language support for reseller clients is not available, many of my clients don't speak English
    • 10:23:18 From Drew Davis : thanks roy. I agree.
    • 10:25:39 From Drew Davis : Its the rodeo
    • 10:26:46 From Drew Davis : Nope
    • 10:26:53 From Aurora Afable : https://s3.amazonaws.com/ft-docs/en/covey-matrix.png
    • 10:27:35 From Drew Davis : Thanks for the link @Aurora.
    • 10:28:22 From Aurora Afable : yep. We do our best! lol
    • 10:33:07 From Aurora Afable : YES
    • 10:34:03 From Darwin @ Tuwebfacil : thanks Drew
    • 10:34:23 From Aurora Afable : YES
    • 10:42:04 From Aurora Afable : I also read that if there's a problem, escalate it right away.
    • 10:42:59 From Aurora Afable : Good tip Roy!
    • 10:44:30 From Aurora Afable : Client Scorecard - https://www.evernote.com/l/ATScUCuvbixO55fZ9YM-dejN_IyLknD-yY8/
    • 10:54:57 From Aurora Afable : networking events?
    • 10:56:44 From Chorba : https://www.godaddy.com/garage/how-to-hire-your-first-virtual-assistant-and-when-to-do-it/
    • 10:57:01 From Drew Davis (davisdre317) : hmm... never thought of that.
    • 10:57:13 From roy darling (rd) : business to business events are great. I will often meet people who I can refer work to when it is before my score. They might even get business to me that is out of their scope
    • 10:59:06 From Drew Davis (davisdre317) : yes, this was good.
    • 10:59:30 From Judith : Glad to be here and to help out!
    • 10:59:33 From Aurora Afable : thanks everyone!
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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Community Live AMA - Online Business

    Thanks @JesseW! It was a great conversation and a lot of fun. If more of you GoDaddy community members are interested in doing this again, please let us know. We'd also love to hear more topics you'd like to discuss. I also want to thank @MikeOne and @Emaline1 for attending. 


    Re: Community Live AMA - Online Business

    Amazing experience guys!!!

    I hope we can repeat this enriching experience, I will try not to be driving.

    Thanks again
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    Re: Community Live AMA - Tips on managing your Online Business

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