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    API documentation

    I infer from reading posts here and in other forums that Godaddy offers an API interface. Can someone point me at the documentation for the API please?
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    Thanks much, exactly what I was looking for. searches for "api documentation" will not find this!
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    Hi @clydethedog,

    you are welcome 😊


    Anyone can help, I have a problem in creating subaccount  (!/_v1_shoppers/createSubaccount) using godaddy api. When I made a call in the api, i got a response of 403 (forbidden message response) with this reason

    "private label id does not belong to a reseller". I'm stock in here, is anyone can help me.



    You cannot create subaccounts as a GoDaddy customer.  That functionality is for resellers that use the API when creating subaccounts under their private label.

    Hello Godaddy,



    I am facing issue on create /v1/Shoppers/SubAccount there is an error 403 code,

    i have assigned all parameters along with authentication key

    Please help me.


    I am your reseller, i want to develop custom website

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