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Server Response Times Awful, 503 Errors, Error Establishing a Database Connection

I call in and my response time goes down to 60ms.. Which just destroys my faith in this company.  Because its a trend I've noticed WAYYY too many times to consider it a coincidence. My response times are NEVER 60ms off call/chat. Never. They are always above 500ms (and hey, I wouldn't mind 500ms or even a full second) and just too frequently 3-10 seconds.

So I call, suddenly it drops to 60ms, then they say they can't help me if it's not happening while they're on call or in chat. At first it's fine, because you notice your site is faster.. but then after 10+ calls you start to recognize the facade.

My staging site has more consistent load times and its the same exact thing. It also rarely ever 503s or fails to establish a connect a database connection. However, my actual site errors out a lot. So I can't fathom how it's a problem on my end when my staging site is identical.


I'm really starting to regret falling for GoDaddy's low prices. And I have no idea what recourse is possible besides migration to another hosting service.


These results are just utterly stupid. It's like my staging site is on some other unburdened server. Every time I call in, I'm told to buy a CDN (I had Cloudflare, I got rid of it specifically cause GoDaddy kept blaming them for the server response times instead of owning their mistakes and fixing it) or pay $79 for a comprehensive admin check (which isn't the solution it sounds like, it's a BS sales point).

You are not alone. Every time I call I get a different response like it's my plugins. My website is down now at least once a week with the 503 error and it is slower than anything. Let's just say that it's plugins. How am I supposed to fix them when I don't have access to the site, INCLUDING THE DASHBOARD. It's crazy. I'm so ridiculously frustrated right now. 

Having the same issues for the past couple of days 😞

Getting Started

I am also having the same issues .... for about the last week. The 503 error is nasty and keeps appearing on the desktop version of the site, though not on the mobile site.


I spent 45 mins on the phone with GD support last week... guess I must call again.


Really thinking I need to find a new provider. I would gladly pay more money for a more reliable service.

Hi @Steven77 - Sorry to hear you've been having difficulty. For what it's worth, I can guarantee there is no system in place to speed up the server when you call or chat with support. I just ran both your staging and production sites through Pingdom as well and got very different results. From the linked pages, you can see that I used /?nocache=1 at the end of the URL. That bypasses any server level caching, In both cases, the sites loaded quickly. I ran both sites through multiple times and got similar results each time. It seems this issue is highly intermittent. I definitely understand how issues like this can be frustrating, but contacting support when the issue is occurring is still the best way to have the issue reviewed. 


Hi @travelshopgirl - I'm not sure I fully understand the issue you're facing. 503 errors are usually pretty rare on Managed WordPress accounts. However, they can happen. The cause can sometimes be an issue with the server, but most often they're an issue with the content in WordPress itself. If you find that you're consistently unable to get into your dashboard, please reach out to our support team. They can help you get your plugins disabled, which is most often the cause of this type of issue. 


@PromotionMedia & @goldengate415 - In the last week, we've been updating some Managed WordPress servers with a new PHP version. What you've experienced may have been due to that. If you're still seeing the issue, please reach out to our hosting support team so they can review your account more closely.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

It's been really aweful, aggrevating and I'm tired. For the past 15 years or so everything has been great I have 20-30 different accounts, generating Godaddy an estimated 30-40K per year and all I got this week was it's YOUR PLUGINS causing the issue. This one and very important site has not been updated, the PHP version has not changed, the WP version has not changed and my plugins have not changed and have been running fine for the past 18 months or so and I am still getting these very intermittant 503 errors, an extremely low speed, all right during the christmas season, this is terrible. Blaming me and not once did I see the error updated on your so called "Status update" page.... aweful, very tired week of hell you have put me through....Be honest when you have an issue, have you heard of Karma? 

@JesseW The issue wasn't intermittent at all. You got very different results, because I switched my servers to WPengine's shared hosting plan-- which I can't express enough how much and in how many ways they are superior to you.


CONSISTENTLY 1-2s load times and I've optimized literally nothing since. Weird. It's almost like it had nothing to do with page optimization and everything to do with terrible GoDaddy servers.

Contrast my speed and performance grade with the results in my original post and you'll see your shared hosting has a LONG way to go.


Again, my biggest grip with GoDaddy and ultimate reason why I switched and won't be renewing ever again-- You never accept the reality that these problems are because your shared servers are overcrowded causing bogged performance and way too many error pages. That's the truth. Your fault is undeniable now that I switched.