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Reseting a SINGLE page on wordpess template to intial state

Hi, how to do reset a single page on my website to it's initial state?  I deleted out all the template content instead of just editing the content and now the page is just blank with a single area for text.  I have spent a lot of time building my site, so I am trying to avoid resetting everything.


Thank you!

Helper III

Hi @emmylouwho,


Check your auto-recover docs in your Wordpress page / post. Otherwise, it's probably gone. Your question & how you stated it is highly unusual for a question. Smiley Very Happy It's like you're trying to figure out how to create your own custom web-page with HTML & CSS or something.


I recommend you save backups of your website on your computer, whether that be in the form of FTP files or text documents. Let me know if you have any further questions.