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Paying the best Hosting plan but website is super Slow

Hi Everyone!


Our website is having several issues:

1) It takes about 5 seconds to get a response from the server (once you get the responce, the page loads reasonably fast)

2) Website cant handle many users...5 users and the site is down (CPU usage 100%). We have the best plan GoDaddy offers...yet the resources are not enough. 

The website is super simple and we have made several steps to increase performance:

a) Minify Java and CSS

b) Compress images
c) Configure a Cache Plugin


Google Page Speed and GTmetrix are showing decent results...but the problem is with multiple users at once.




Any hints?

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Re: Paying the best Hosting plan but website is super Slow



The site popped for me here in the USA. 😉   I ran your site through GeoPeeker and saw the difference in load times depending on location -- with USA being the fastest.  But it did show that the screen shots lagged quite a bit when all locations were trying to access.


Did you look at your YSlow score?  The first 5 "F"s could directly impact users.  Particularly a CDN.  Maybe try resolving those issues and see if the situation improves?


HTH! 😉

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