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Pages not publishing.

Hi. I am unsure whether this is a question for here or for my template supplier.


I had a 'mobile' site ( working okay, but I've run into an odd problem after editing the pages. I go through all the correct steps, save and publish, but when I see this live, the Home page is there, but all the other pages show Not Found.


The curious thing (for me) is that although in the Editor the page has (say) a permalink such as (which I expect) when I check this live the Not Found page states "The requested URL m/gallery/ was not found on this server". This seems - to me - that the correct address (the permalink) is somehow 'scrambled' (I don't have a page m/gallery!).


Can anyone shine a light on this - I'm ultra-confused.


Tia, David.

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Hi @David_Hutch,

I'm not quite sure about your problem here, but when I type in your site seems to be working great!!

When I type in

That too displays the main mobile page, but your links are dead. Are you perhaps trying to use the same source for each 'Gallery', or using a different source? Make sure that your paths to the files and pages are correct for the mobile version. Also that they exist in their own right is better than one copy cross referenced,  m(mobile)FrostyMorning.png, frostyMorning.png! Maybe your issue is partly that you don't have a page 'm/gallery'. That's how it seems at first investigation. To link to those pages they are going to have to exist in their own right, the same as each src file.


I don't know if this makes sense?


Best regards



Hi rammsteinium


Thanks for your input. Yes, the dead links are my problem. (a WordPress installation) is a subdomain of (an HTML 

installation) but the mobile [WordPress] pages use none of the main site's resources.


In the editing section of WordPress the page I work on shows a permalink of (say) but, when that is saved, published, and checked 'live' it is a dead link. The page I get - a 404 Not Found - shows "The requested URL /m/gallery was not found on this server" (although, the web browser's address bar is showing


This behaviour is the same across all pages except the 'home' page (which, given all six pages have been worked on in exactly the same way, is curious in itself). The permalink in my editor is showing a correct address, the web browser is showing a correct address, but the resulting page shows the 404 Not Found with "The requested URL /m/gallery/ [or whatever] was not found on this server". I am, especially with the 'home' page working okay, more than confused as to why this is happening . . . I have not published a page /m/gallery (which is not even a correct web address!).


Regards, David.