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My WordPress site no longer works

Dear Sir, I am new to GoDaddy,  about 3 days or so I ordered a domain and a blog from Godaddy. The WordPress all set up and I built my blog with four articles. However, when I was trying to set up my email forwarding It seems like I made an error somewhere and whenever I tried to access my WordPress blog it directs me to my email.  I contacted online support and spoke to one of them but all they gave me was lip service so I went back and tried to sort the issues for myself.  During the process nothing I did work. I got so frustrated and decided to delete and remove myself from and start over fresh but instead, I lost everything. and the GoDaddy site wants me to pay for a new blog after I already paid. So I went back to online support and vent my frustration. Receive same lipservice which did not seem to help. In the process, I got so mad because I have been online all day trying to sort the issue with lack of sleep until early morning. I decided to just purchase a new domain and blog, consider that I already paid for one three days ago and guess what when I log in my new domain cannot access the Word press so that I can set it up. I discovered both of them parked in domain beta for sale or just resting. Now the thing is I want to get them back and I want to get into my WordPress control panel and start rebuilding. I am so frustrated and cannot even take up the phone to talk to anyone because I cannot hear. How can I get things back like it was?