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Facing Internal Server Error

I am getting Internal Server Error while installing theme in my wordpress account.


Helper II

Re: Facing Internal Server Error

This likely means the theme you're trying to install is broken.


500 errors usually occur when PHP Fatal exceptions are raised.


WordPress will attempt to recover from theme install Fatals, by rolling back to a theme, if one is still installed.


Likely this means you can still access your site.


To test this theory, install a bulletproof theme from like GeneratePress.


If this fails, then something's amiss with your hosting. If it works, something's amiss with the theme you're trying to install.


The usual reason for this is trying to install a badly broken theme using old/deprecated PHP APIs onto a recent version of PHP.


The only fix for this is either pick another theme or push back on your theme developer to fix their code.


You can also test this theory by setting WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file + then try your theme install again. The emitted Fatal will tell you the exact file + line where the Fatal gets thrown.