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Do you blog? Share your URL.

Hi everyone! I'm putting together a list of Pro community members who maintain a blog. If you have one, could you please reply to this post with a link to your blog/site and a brief blurb about it?





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Super User II

Hey, Andy:


Thanks for asking!  😉   I actually have 3 active Blogs at this time...


WordPress, Social Media and Online Business Tips 


Net M@nners: Everything E-mail Etiquette


Business E-mail Etiquette Best Practices


"You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

Helper IV

It's our company blog at


So it's more of a corporate blog...


But still lots of small business relevant content...

Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
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Helper I

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's "maintained", but I've tried to create some technical help and informational articles to help my clients through common issues:


I'm always open to questions or suggestions, if someone can't find what they're after.

Web Developer at


Coming Soon!

Your home for Commercial & Residential Home Inspection, Notary Public Service, Property Management, &


app review service at and food and health information on

Hey! I have a blog. I need to post a bit more often but I have some small business/marketing/web articles.


Andy, Great subject to get the ball rolling,


As a niche affiliate marketer and website developer, I have around 165 active Blogs so far. The 2 main ones though are a Nurse Case Managers site to help Nurses & Social Workers pass the CCM Exam that I am co-founder of:


& secondly my Website Developers site ("Veritas" = "truth") which I am in midst of re-doing 




"Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything." ~ Mark Twain

I have three blogs - 2 are affiliate sites Sells dog supplies and a home security store which sells home security products and the last one is a simple news blog site. 

I built a lot of Wordpress sites for friends. I  enjoy doing the work... 

I just wanted to say that I like what you did there with the elevator.

Choose to be Nimbler. Ship products people love.

Here's my personal blog. It's most banter, rambling, and the occasional here's-what-I'm-doing posts talking about creating websites and self-publishing. 


Onyx Defiant

Hello I have just started one so its a bit bare bones at the moment but I hope to have it finished within a few months



Feel free to check out my tech blog right over here:


I try to cover as many general topics as I can while keeping it entertaining (striving for this). From .NET programming to JavaScript game engines and such. Hopefully everyone can find at least 1 post useful!


You can follow me here at my digital marketing blog




Wordpress Website Design and Maintenance, Social Media Marketing, and Search Marketing.

Hi Andy,

Jeff Berry here, a.k.a jeffreyb.

I'm beginning blogging on SEO, WordPress Support, and Internet Marketing/Social Media Marketing and Strategy.


Thank you.  




We are a team of geeky girlfriends that manage all WordPress details for bloggers so they are freed up to be creative. The blog is information for beginners and news /announcements for everyone. Done for you services are geared towards the intermediate/advanced blogger. 




Cathy Tibbles

Toll free: 1-844-972-9997   Read about the secret cabals working against the best interests of the US; and the best way to a green economy for free!!

Helper I - College Tech Online Magazine - Understanding the Christian faith through modern terms - My company blog (SEO, Social Media Marketing, the works) - my personal site.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post this! lol 

I have started a growing blog at

It is about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and how to succeed at eCommerce on the Web by using effective digital marketing.


Yes! I have a blog where every week there are tutorials and tips for bloggers on self-hosted WordPress. It is geared to the non-techy webmaster with 1,000+ visitors per day.


Toll free: 1-844-972-9997

Keep the blog URLs coming folks!  We are considering how we can showcase your blog content as a link from within your profile, but also how we can feature your content on the site!  More to come!



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