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Connection Time-Out

Since Yesterday my site started showing traffic fluctuations. I haven't made any changes in past two weeks.


Website goes to connection timeout window frequently  -

Most of the times - first it goes to a timeout error page before loading the real page.

Traffic went down half

Maximum real time users came down to 30/minute from 70+/miunte (Google Analytics)

When I tried to fetch the site using Google Webmasters - It says  'Temporarily unreachable'

I have GoDaddy SSL certificate installed


I am going to loose all my SEO rankings and efforts. Please help me. If this is not fixed soon.


Super User 2020



Unfortunately, Community members cannot help you with technical issues.  You would need to speak to GoDaddy support about something like this. 


What you want to do is contact GoDaddy directly and explain your situation and any errors that you may be receiving.  You also want to do this when the issue is occurring if possible so they can check and try to duplicate what you are experiencing.


It could be the server or your connectivity -- no way to know for sure unless you run it by tech support


Also, it would be a good idea to update your About page to have real content -- not the templated text. 😉



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