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certificate cannot be guaranteed

We have Exchange 2003 and using ActiveSync. We renewed and installed the Godaddy cert but we get the message "...certificate cannot be guaranteed". We tried some certs from other places, but all the same. Might anybody have a possible solution for this?  Jim


Hi @Jim23

Thanks for posting in our forums. This is not something that we support, however I was able to find some info on a Microsoft forum that might help you out. The resolution was found to be that the server needed to be connected temporarily to the internet in order to check CRL and that was found to resolve the issue. Hopefully, that helps!

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks for your reply.  Our server was already connected to the internet, so that was not the cure. THE FIX was installing Security Update for Windows Server 2003 KB2868626 .(We installed this on Windows 2003r2.)  The entire chain of certs had the error message, but once we installed the update, AND rebooted the server, all the certs in the chain became good.