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SSL Verification

I'm trying to verify the domain ownership for an SSL. I got the email from godaddy but all it contained was the unique ID. Is this what I need to add to the TXT record or is there something else for that? I was under the assumption that the unique ID was just for the file upload on the host.


"You will receive an email from us with a TXT value you need to create in your domain name's DNS zone file. Adding this TXT record won't impact your website at all; it's something you can only view through a special tool which performs DNS lookups."

Community Manager

Hi @immergetech. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Yes, you'll want to create a TXT record with the host "@" and use the unique code in the value field. This article gives more details if you need them. 


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@JesseWThanks for the reply. I did read through that link earlier, it just was worded in a way where the TXT value should be something different. For instance under the 'HTML Page' section it mentions the unique ID but under the 'DNS Record' section it just says the TXT value that was sent. I wasn't sure if I was missing something in the email or if those two values are in fact the same. Thank you for your help.