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SSL Accidentally Revoked

Hi guys. I paid for SSL renewal and I revoked SSL by mistake. How to resolve it? Anyway except the call to godaddy! my site is

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Hi @vahidafshari,


Sorry but I am almost certain you will have to call support. There is no other way.............



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Is chat available?

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Hi @vahidafshari,


Sorry about your difficulties here. I am thinking that chat isn't available in Iran. So there are two ways I can help:

  1. Use a proxy server based in either the USA or Europe and go to the main GD page. If you wait a while on the page a chat window will appear. Bear in mind the guy will be speaking English. USING A PROXY and also that chat is available Mon -Fri 5am -7pm Arizona USA local time.
  2. I can send a support ticket on your behalf and will need your full name and customer number and of course as much detail that you can supply. I can not promise anything but I can try my best.

Please though carefully send sensitive details by PRIVATE MESSAGE, do this by clicking on my mouse avatar and selecting 'send a private message'


Hope this helps....

Regards @Retired