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In GoDaddy Monthly Report email, what does "SSL Scanner was disabled" mean?

Hi all 🙂


i received a In GoDaddy Monthly Report email, which shows that everything (malware, blacklist, uptime, DNS) has a green checkmark and no issues, except for the one that shows:

"SSL Scanner was disabled", with orange triangle and exclamation mark.

What does this mean? Should i worry about it?


I do not really understand all this stuff, even though i tried to learn by reading through the GoDaddy site info about SSL.

(I just have a basic website i put together with a little help from a friend, just to show my artwork, but i know very little about the world of computers and all that kind of thing.)


Thanks for any guidance! (and please pretend i am a simple child without experience in all this)


Hi @ZariahArt,


It sounds like the SSL scanner may be disabled because you do not have an SSL on your site. If you do have an SSL installed and are encountering this message I'd recommend reaching out to our live support to look into this. 



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