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Godaddy SSL Certificate on Azure application

I have a valid Godaddy SSL Certificate on my Azure application, how can I present a Godaddy SSL graphic image to my site visitors? (I.e. main page or cart page etc.)

Community Manager

Hi @TomWatts. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you have access to the scripting of your page, you can use the instructions in this article to get your site seal code. You can use that code on your website to display the GoDaddy SSL seal. Hope that helps. 


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Well, good try, but no success.

I have a lot of domains at GoDaddy, and some hosted here, but the domain in question is hosted on Azure. I bought an SSL Certificate from Azure, they installed a GoDaddy certificate, it works just fine.

Azure does not provide any support for displaying SSL graphics representations or script to validate from a graphics image. My GoDaddy account "My Products" does not show this SSL product as belonging to my account, so I can't get the process to give me html to insert/process. If GoDaddy does not support the SSL certificates they provide to Azure then I am screwed.

Thanks a lot GoDaddy! Not!