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Unable to access my website for months

My website, has been unavailable for months. Most recently I tried to reset it. All to no avail. I get the following error message: "This site can’t be reached

xxxxxxxxxxfqdnxxxxxxxxxx’s server IP address could not be found." Obviously this is not the correct IP address.


Re: Unable to access my website for months

Hi @idontknow,


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The IP address on the A Record of your domain is correct for your hosting. However, you lack a proper home page in the main directory, so the URL is defaulting to the "Future Home of Something...". You can review this article to see what type of file is recognized for your hosting plan. Make sure your website is also in the right directory. If in an economy plan, or the primary domain, everything should be in the httpdocs/. If in a deluxe or higher plan, as an add-on domain, in it's own directory.



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