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[solved?] Setting free email account on lower domain name

I have a DNS domain name that GoDaddy hosts, say,  I run a SMTP server/local relay on that and is my primary email server.  The MX record for points to my mail server,  (Note: I have a fairly strange configuration and don't have it fully set up properly though it works well enough for me.)


However I see that GoDaddy has given me one free email with my account.  I would like to use that in case my host at is down due to whatever reason.    As I run an SMTP server on, it would conflict if I set the free email at  As email needs a MX or host sitting at that address, another address would need to be used.  Is it possible to set up an email to be


and set the MX and perhaps even the A/AAAA records to the free email server?  This seems technically feasible, but there does not seem to be any documentation on how to do this: What host and/or MX can I set this up to for this to work?


This would be the ideal solution such that since GoDaddy keeps SOA of my domain, this means that the this email will continue to operate even if my static IP SMTP hosting solution fails.  It is not meant to be failover at all, but rather an alternate address to contact me that's still related to my domain name.




Solved, I think:


It looks like you can specify despite the tool warning that it may be an improper email address.  One thing I did do before testing was creating a record, a simple TXT placeholder record.  Not sure if that was absolutely necessary, but it seems to have accepted a subdomain of a domain.



Hi there @learndns,


Thanks for being a part of the GoDaddy Community! As you have already mentioned, you can set up an email using a subdomain. Thanks for updating your posts so others in the community can see that it is possible. Smiley Happy



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