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iPhone Outlook app not syncing sub folders

If anyone can assist or offer advice I would be grateful. I'm sick to the back teeth of trying  to get this to work, searching for solutions and then trying them out to no avail.


I have an iPhone 8 with the Outlook App. My Godaddy email account has been added and is working however none of the sub folders sync and I have to manually select each folder and refresh it, which then brings up my emails.


This does not happen with my other accounts from other providers and I have even setup free accounts elsewhere to test my connections etc.


I have unlimited data so have no issues with downloading

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Super User I

Re: iPhone Outlook app not syncing sub folders

Hello @Lewis94 and thank you for reaching out to the community. 


I use office 365 and email account on my iPhone and Android, using the Outlook client and have always had to swipe down in subfolder or refresh subfolder to bring in fresh new data. 


I just believe it is just normal behavior myself. 

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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