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Trying to contact CS about possible phony email

I received an email from GoDaddy asking me to "verify this account". Don't recall getting such a thing before, and there's no "to" listed. The full headers are a thick mass of verbiage. Trying to find out if it's fake.


Trying to ask GD directly, but fom the GoDaddy Help page, there's no way to contact customer service! At the bottom of the page is a purple rectangle asking to chat, but there's no working link on it. All I see is a strange phone number at the top right that begins with a "0" that doesn't work for me either because I don't have Facetime.

Anyone have a way to know for sure if that is a fake email, or at least a sure-fire link to chat with or just email customer service?


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Hi @bruhed,


No it's most definitely a fake. They want you to 'verify' by giving your username and pass. Then they will hack your site and take over, locking you out.


(and if I'm wrong then please will a moderator tell me so....)


Whenever unsure always phone support to check. Or come here to ask. You should also post the email here so we can all see what to expect.


 On the question of being wrong......... it's better that way!


I've received a few of those emails too. I wanted to let Godaddy know, thinking they might want to send a "real" email to its users to make them aware. I spotted them right away as being fake, because as usual with fake emails, there are typos and misspelled words. But also the "from" shows an email that looks like an individual and not from Godaddy at all. The emails did have the Godaddy logos and just like yours, asked me to click a link to verify my account. The email said I was in violation of Godaddy terms. I know that Paypal likes you to forward to them any spoof emails because it helps them in their studies to block those types of messages. But Godaddy doesn't show us an email to send messages to. I don't want to fool with calling them. And when I clicked to Chat, it said the wait was 19 minutes. But I decided to do that, but then my effort to chat was closed. I think Godaddy should put out some kind of warning about this, because some people don't know any better than to click the link and sign in, giving away their information to the bad guys.