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Personalized Webmail Launch Page Not Opening

Dear GoDaddy,

I have purchased domain and Godaddy Business Email Plus from Godaddy. I was able to use my personalized webmail launch page i.e. from beginning till last month. Now it stopped working. I have contacted customer care so many times, but each time they advise me to use . 


My question is: 

1) I am not using free workspace email. I have purchased Godaddy Business Email Plus. So why my personalized webmail launch link is not working. 

2) I have attached screenshot of my setup page which confirms that personalized link is available. 

3) Here is the link which also confirms that I can use my personalized link for email:

However, this link could  not help me.


Also there is not direct email id for contacting Godaddy technical team.


1.jpg2.jpgSo I will be happy if anyone here in community can help me.