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Authentication Required pop-up on ipad

One out of 8 accounts setup on my iPad is constantly asking me to enter my password.  There is nothing wrong with the password or account name; it works fine on godaddy directly.  I’ve deleted the account on my iPad, rebooted and setup the exchange account again still fails.  Each time I set it up it connects and downloads the mail but then in 5minutes it’s prompting me for a password, 3 times in a row, then it stops for 5 minutes and does it again. No other godaddy or even gmail account has this issue.  Account works fine with outlook on windows, but I want all my emails in one tool on my iPad and so I use the iPad mail.  

So some facts:

—-Email account is about 15 years old and is a catch all account,  changed 6 years ago to exchange and hasn’t really worked well as a catch all since.

—-iPad pro is new Verizon LTE iOS 11.4x (<30 days old)

—- this email is a premier exchange account all the others are trials or basics.

— iPad switches from WiFi to cell occasionally no accounts have an issue but this one...however even if it doesn’t switch it still has issues so I don’t think this is related.


i think there is something wrong with this account on the server side, that I cannot control but godaddy doesn’t take email support any longer(I received an auto reply saying so), they have no chat, and they have no self service portal, so how do you work with these guys?  Do I need to find another company to switch to?