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Subdomains for Multiple Affiliate Offers

Hello everyone,


I'm currently on a caffeine-induced productivity surge, and I am hoping to get this simple yet halting issue solved before procrastination sets back in.

I'm almost completely inexperienced here, and am flying by the seat of my pants.

Here it goes:

I have a domain.
I have five affiliate offers to promote.

I don't want to purchase 5 separate domain names for each landing page.

I understand (I think), that this can be resolved by keeping just one primary domain - and then set up individual subdomains that link to each landing page.

The one domain that I own is for my new blog, this blog is not yet niche-specific, and as a result I do not want potential blog viewers in the future to know that there is any affiliation between my blog and these little spin-off affiliate offers. (The blog is currently void of content, currently the only issue that I would really face here is if my landing page viewers decide to check out the main domain: "Hmm what the heck is "blogname" anyways? Let me search for it." But I don't see this as a huge issue at the moment.)

I would just buy a generic domain name to use for this, but then I would have to buy a generic domain name... lol

I'm building an airplane out of duct-tape here.  Short on cash, hence the comical constraints. Though, if I am able to scrape a few table spoons of luck from the bottom of the jar, and mix in a glass of perseverance, this shouldn't be an issue for very long.

I hope someone can help, I apologize for the lengthy post.

Best regards,
   - W

Super User 2020



Yes you can setup subdomains


So for example you could have / going to your main blog site

Then you can have go to a landing page and perhaps you then have one for cooking so go to a different landing page


All the landing pages can be on the same server (assuming a server with cPanel) and then you just point each sub domain to the correct home directory


The only issue that this doesn't address is if someone removes the sub (hosting / cooking / etc) they are back at your main blog


So you may need / want 2 domains one for your blog and one to use with subdomains

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