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Problem with Invalid SPF Record or rDNS settings

My website DNS is managed by GoDaddy. My website is hosted at Flywheel. My email is via Google. I am having legitimate email, sent and received, caught as spam.


Google’s G Suite Toolbox MX check is telling me that I do not have a valid SPF record (see attached screen grab below). Others have told me I am missing rDNS settings.


GoDaddy live chat support has told me that rDNS cannot be set up for my website domain records. FlyWheel say it is not in their control. Google… nothing… 


Yet I also see on GoDaddy’s forum reference to this article: “Our administrators configure reverse DNS on all of our email servers.” 


I am a novice with most of this, and suspect that “email server” is not the same as my arrangement. Nonetheless, I am confused. If my DNS is managed at GoDaddy, why not the rDNS? And if it is not GoDaddy, who else can sort out the rDNS records?


Or, is the problem unrelated to rDNS but with SPF records and the TXT record in my GoDaddy Domain Manager? The Google G Suite Toolbox has suggested a different TXT record to the one in my current GoDaddy domain manager records (see attached below).


Any advice welcome. Thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Problem with Invalid SPF Record or rDNS settings

Hey @Stuart_C. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It looks like there's some confusion here on the various DNS records you can have, what they do, and who controls them. 

  • rDNS (reverse DNS) - This is controlled by whoever controls the IP address for the URL in question. This is done on the IP providers side by serving PTR records 
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) - This is something you set up in the zone file for your domain to specify which email servers are allowed to send messages using your domain name. SPF records are usually a form of a TXT record. 

It's very possible that you would have email marked as spam due to a wrong/missing SPF record. In general, you would have an SPF record specific to any provider you're using to send emails. I do not see an SPF record in your screenshot. It's not likely that rDNS is a problem for you but if it is, it would need to be addressed by whoever owns the IP address in question. For more information in setting up SPF records using GoDaddy DNS, please see this article. You'll want to check Google's support documentation to find out what SPF record to use. 


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Re: Problem with Invalid SPF Record or rDNS settings

Thanks Jesse W.! 


Google is my email provider so I found this article guide ( which instructs me to enter into my domain DNS manager (which is with GoDaddy) the following SPF record as a TXT record: v=spf1 ~all    I have entered that according to those instructions and now am told to wait up to 48 hours to see it activate... 


Thanks for telling me that rDNS records are not likely to be the problem.


I'll come back to this thread soon hopefully to confirm success...

Best wishes,