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Fatal Error my site is completely down. Help!!!!!

Hi Godaddy team,,


My domain has been down for weeks now and I have been loosing quality traffic and more as a result of it. 


I get the below error message:


"This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.


  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


I have tried all possible way to work on this but with no solution. I have also tried countless times to reach your team all to no avail.

Please help me look into the issue ASAP and resolve.



Super User II



It is very difficult for any of us to help you here not knowing the setup for your site.  


I did check your domain and the nameservers noted are NOT GoDaddy servers:


Name Server: NS11.DNSSOLID.COM
Name Server: NS12.DNSSOLID.COM


So it appears that GoDaddy is your domain registrar only.  I would contact your web host and find out what is going on. 


If you still want to chat with GoDaddy go to the Global Support page.  If chat isn't "on" for you, what you can do is change the country you are from to United States and see if that gives you access the chat feature.

Top left of the screen you'll find a drop down that allows you to designate your country, change it to United States.


HTH! 😉




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