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DE domain nameserver is not updating

I have bought a domain in GoDaddy. My app is hosted in AWS elastic beanstalk. Currently, I am trying to replace GoDaddy nameserver with the following AWS Nameserver
But it is failed. While I am trying to update nameserver it showing error "command failed".I called to support today they are asking to collect the IP address of AWS nameserver and try again replacing godaddy nameserver with AWS nameserver IP address. when I am trying to enter the IP address in the custom nameserver it's showing an error "You used an invalid format.".

Re: DE domain nameserver is not updating

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Please check the nameserver exceptions/requirements in the article on .DE domain names. You'll want to test the nameservers you are using, at the link to the Registry provided in the article. If, after confirming the use of valid nameservers, you still experience an issue, you'll want to contact our customer support team to escalate the issue to the CCTLD team. 



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Re: Forgot to mention my promo number. How do I get refund?

I have renewed my domain for two years today. I forgot to mention the promo code for eligibility of 20% discount.
My Receipt No. for payment made is: 1504032186 for £65.92 dated 6 Jun 2019 07:36
Customer # REMOVED
My Promo Code  tfc1964d30 
I do not remember keying in the promo code. I would appreciate if you check at your end and confirm that the 20% discount has been deducted from above invoice. 
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Super User III

Re: Forgot to mention my promo number. How do I get refund?



You would need to contact customer support via phone or live chat to ensure you get that discount code applied if possible.

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Re: Forgot to mention my promo number. How do I get refund?/?isc=gdcommment

Regret to inform that I had a long live chat session only to be informed
that if i miss to key in the promo code i miss discount. This is GoDaddy
policy. Almost one hour of session. No use. This is where Amazon is a rock