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Connection timeout when opening site



I've registered domain with GoDaddy and set up forwarding for it. When I go to "" in the web browser there is a connection timeout.


I would expect either GoDaddy page (parked domain) be displayed or forwarding to work, but neither happens. How could I fix that?


MxToolbox lookup service reports that there is no DNS record for the domain, despite I had registered it a few days ago.


I am experiencing the same exact issue. I was with chat support and they said it was working on their end. Before I was disconnected I tried a few of their suggestions, "try in private browsing" which did not make any difference. I am in line again for another chat.


My domains are managed by GoDaddy. The domain I setup to forward was previously configured to point another host. Now shutting down that site/hosting and moving to one of my GoDaddy WordPress hosted sites.