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    Transferring ownership of a domain to godaddy

    One of our clients has requested that the domain we have purchased for him on our GoDaddy Account be transferred to his GoDaddy Account. I did that but now he is asking for a transaction ID and Security code. I was under the impression that GoDaddy would be sending him this info by email but he said he has received nothing so far and it's been a week already. Is there any way that I could obtain this info myself and pass it on to him? Thanks!!

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    Helper IV

    If he has a GoDaddy account this is not needed. Please refer him to the instructions for moving a domain from one account to another - https://www.godaddy.com/help/move-a-domain-to-another-godaddy-account-822


    There is a chance that he does not know where to look to accept the transfer and that is in the Domain Control Center under the Domains Dropdown, there is a link called Pending Account Changes and he has to accept the domain into his account there.


    Hope that helps.