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    Sucuri firewall 502 timeout wordpress hosting



    Hi there,
    A "HTTP 502 - Unable to Connect to the Origin Server" messages are not blocks or the Firewall isn't working properly. It can mean one of the following:
    1) Your Hosting Server is Offline
    2) The Hosting Server is Blocking us via Software Firewall or Other Security Tool (like mod_security)
    3) Your Application is Taking More Than 3 Minutes to Answer
    4) Too Big HTTP Header
    Here are the logs we have in regards to issues with the host server: https://pastebin.sucuri.net/e8mtn5px4h6zr
    We would advise to review all plugins and theme. Disabling each plugin and enabling them one by one to identify which are causing the hosting errors. 
    I would suggest chatting with our hosting support team for further assistance with the 502's.  

    I am having problems with my shared wordpress site w/ sucuri firewall. I keep getting 502 errors and am bouncing back and forth between godaddy support and the sucuri support. What should I do to get my site to be fully functional again? 

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    Hey there @ryanmusante 


    I've actually found this one to usually be a combination of things.


    1. Make sure you keep your browser cache clear. This doesn't cause an actual 502, but can give the appearance of one. If in doubt, just use and Incognito/Private window.
    2. Go into your Firewall settings on Website Security and clear the WAF (web application firewall) cache. You can actually make a bookmarklet for it so you can just automatically do it. 
    3. Make sure your IP address from whatever computer's you normally use are loaded in the Whitelist on the Firewall settings. 

    Usually one of those things will correct the issue. If that doesn't work, something may be wrong on the backend and you should put in a support ticket.

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    I'm talking about visits from others, not myself or my own IP.

    I have tested the site from certain sites and receive the 502, also the technician with sucuri posted the results with errors from his own testing.

    There is some kind of issue between the hosting server and the firewall.