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    Managed WordPress Hosting - SSL - Certbot

    Since from what I have read GoDaddy is not supporting LE with an automated easy way. Is this thing doable? If your hosting provider doesn’t want to integrate Let’s Encrypt, but does support uploading custom certificates, you can install Certbot on your own computer and use it in manual mode.

    If so what kind of system is my hosting using? Apache on _System_

    To get instructions for Certbot, choose your server software and the system it is running on from the dropdown menus above. As written in Certbot page.


    Thanks in advance

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    Product Team

    Hi @pJennings


    Nope, our older Managed WordPress doesn't support Certbot.  However, our new Pro Managed WordPress product (https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/pro-wordpress-hosting) includes free SSL for every site.  So, if you want free SSL switch to that product.


    It also includes PHP 7.1, MySQL 5.7, HTTP/2 support, runs in a containerized environment, includes a free GravityForms license, has a dedicated WordPress support team and more.