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my website is down

my site is running last day after i accidentally linked to shopify then i deleted it now my site not working, nameservers put it in default i waited 52 hours but nothing happen,
my hosting plan will renew 11/15/2017
i can preview my site at cpanel link
any suggestion
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Hi @demonyus,


Accidentally linked it to shopify? How does that happen?

Domain is currently parked by Godaddy:

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.44.51.png




what should i do to get my site back online.
my hosting will renew 11/15/2017 so it means my site still hosted
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Hi @demonyus,


So if your original hosting is still active you will have to log in to cPanel and reassign your domain to your hosting. Like you did the first time when after purchasing a domain you then bought your hosting. Make sure when this is successful to select auto renew to make sure you don't miss the renewal date coming soon on your hosting. 


One little problem perhaps, I don't know if you had or still will have any content on your original hosting after all this changing. 

You can chat with support to get further assistance. 

i do that 5days ago and nothing happens still parked
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Hi @demonyus,


Without access I can not see what the issue is, so either call (it's the weekend) support (they have access), or grant me access by clicking the following link:

I must state that I am NOT a godaddy employee, but a freelance developer. I just help out a bit.


So either it's: for support by phone? (FREE help apart from phone cost)

or  aka @rammsteinium (My time is NOT free).

or wait until Monday and use live chat if it's available in your country.


@demonyus No? That's what I thought............