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Website Background/Fonts/Menus Not Displaying Properly

I had a volunteer update our nonprofit web site to a multi-platform-compatible layout, making extensive use of CSS and JS.  He uploaded all the files to his test server and on that site, everything appears as it should:


However, when he ZIPped the files and sent them to me, I uploaded them to my GoDaddy-hosted site and this is how it looks:


Not sure why.  I completely deleted the previous site from the root folder.  Could I have deleted other files GoDaddy's server includes that would cause this problem?  What else could be going on that would prevent the background color, correct fonts, and drop-down menus from displaying properly?


Hello @MountainBoomer!


Thank you for posting! I reviewed the scripting for both sites and it looks like the css files that the scripting refer to are missing for the one you have hosted with us. What that means is that the scripting is looking for the css files in a specific location and isn't finding them there. So you want to make sure those files are in that location. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I'll have my guy check this. He just uploaded the site himself after I delegated access, but it still doesn't work, so I'll see if he notices any anomalies with the scripting.


Incidentally, though I have "email me when someone replies" checked, that apparently isn't working so I have to manually search for my own topics to see if anyone replied.  I'll try to remember to post an update if we get it working.

@Heather, my developer uploaded every file he used for his test server to GoDaddy yesterday, and the problem persists.  We're stumped!  Can you give some examples of files you're indicating may be missing?


I'm concerned I might've deleted something GoDaddy uses/places in host directories on their end for proper script execution, when I initially erased the existing site files from that folder.  Is that possible?

Hey @MountainBoomer,


Just to clarify, this is a public discussion forum and as such we don't have direct access to your hosting plan to see what specific files are missing. I believe @Heather was trying to point out that based on the behavior of the live site compared to the test site these pages were developed in that there may have been missing files based on the live scripting that can be viewed through browser tools such as Firebug for Chrome or Firefox.


Most of the information available to us and other members here in the community familiar with CSS scripting is going to be what can be publicly looked up on your site. If you suspect removing a system file (although we don't generally provided these by default within the root directory of our shared hosting plans) is the cause of the display errors, then you're going to need to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can take a closer look at what is happening. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I've previously called Support about this problem and they said they couldn't see anything wrong, which is why I took to the community for additional input.  Thank you!

Hey @MountainBoomer


I'm not a scripting expert, but I was able to do a little more digging. If you compare both versions of the sites in two browser tabs and have access to a tool like Firebug (or which ever plug-in is more preferred), I did notice a large difference in CSS coding associated with:

<body class="ui-mobile-viewport ui-overlay-a">

I can't be certain if the file itself is missing (jquery.m...1.4.5.css; full name not displayed), but there's a reference in the CSS being pulled from here for that mentions:

.ui-overlay-a, .ui-page-theme-a, .ui-page-theme-a .ui-panel-wrapper {
  text-shadow:#A5A5A5 0 1px 0;

That above section is what is making the background grey and is completely missing from the CSS being sourced in Is it possible that the files uploaded to the live site were from another test version of the pages that were being developed?


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Funny you mention that re:  file sources.  SOMEWHERE in the process from developer to me to host, the files had apparently gotten changed (missing pieces of code etc. as you've pointed out)...I don't know how or why.  When I discovered this, I contacted the developer, and he uploaded directly from his originals to GoDaddy, just like he did to his test server--yet it seems the problem of missing pieces of codes persists.  I've passed along your message and we'll continue to troubleshoot.

Which file is that excerpt from?  Here's my developer's response to this info:


Based on what this person indicated he found I did a check of your server to make sure that all the css files I uploaded are present and in the proper directories for reference and they are but I cannot find where he is getting the coding from that he references; below is a screen shot of what I believe he is referencing that is on my server and a screen shot of the same information on your server. They appear to be identical and I don't see the coding information he is talking about.


 SWCHR Site Screenshot.jpg

What I am going to tonight is download the files from my test server to my laptop, visually test the site using these files on my laptop to see if everything looks OK and then, if it does, upload the same files to your server and see if that works. I still think there may be something missing on the GoDaddy sever configuration that is causing this to happen because if it works on one server without modifying the site code it should also work on another if the server configuration is identical.

Another update from the developer:


"Well so much for that theory. After uploading files from my server the problem still exists. I am firmly convinced that there is something in the configuration of the css permissions or there is something missing on their server that is causing this to happen. I have no other explanation since I know that this should work because I have 2 other websites that were built the same way and hosted on GoDaddy servers. My coding is not that good where I can keep experimenting since I use a program to do the coding which automatically generates and checks the code."


Is there something obvious I should do from the hosting control panel that might restore some of the functionality?

Just finished up a chat with GoDaddy support.  They will be contacting our developer directly to ask a few more specific questions.

One thought I just had...this domain ( is one of several domains I host under my primary hosting account; the root domain is and the "southwesternherp" stuff is all in the folder SWCHR.  Perhaps that resultant folder structure could be causing the problems?